Discovering Cuba

Exploring Cuba means to travel through a country full of passion and surprises. It’s a way to experience a paradise in which you never know what’s going to happen next. There are lively people trying to share with you their love for music, rhythm, salsa, cigars, rum and old cars. All these prejudices you may have about Cuba become definitely true. Nevertheless this caribbean island offers more than just a bunch of prejudices. There are flavors you never tasted before, fresh fruits, amazing jungles and waterfalls, heavenly beaches, charming people with highly interesting life stories, really exciting sights due to a revolutionary history. If you decide to travel through Cuba make sure you’re aware of any unexpected situation that may come up, because it will – without exceptions – and it will make your journey even more exciting.


How to travel around?

  • By the fact Cuba is a relatively small country it is pretty easy to travel around by bus. In each city there are tourist offices, where you can buy bus tickets for an acceptable price. Don’t be afraid of a crowd waiting at the bus stop trying to get you in their accommodations
  • Furthermore bargaining with a taxi driver to get around is always a great opportunity
  • Bicicletas – not the fastest way but very cheap


Where to stay at?

Because there’s still socialism, tourists are not allowed to sleep anywhere they want to. So they have to stay with someone who owns a license for that. The best thing you can look for are called “Casa Particulares”. They’re cheap, clean and you get the chance to live with cuban people as close as possible.

Places to stop by?

  • for at least 1 month: Havanna, Viñales, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Morón, Varadero
  • for less than 1 month: Havanna, Viñales, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba

Any other advices?

  • for experiencing a nice but also really cheap journey also use the “moneda nacional”, which is mostly used by the Cuban people. So if you try to use both currencies, in the end you’ll spend less.
  • as often some people also try to cheat you. So the Cubans are really tricky to get your money. There are a lot of couples around the cities, called “jineteros”, who want to get your money by just showing you around, have a smalltalk or anything else. So be carefully when cuban strangers talk to you over friendly.
  • The “carnival cubano” in Santiago of cuba at the end of july is a must-seen!
  • Never drink the local water and avoid to eat streetfood even though it’s cheap
  • speaking Spanish is a huge advantage
  • Lonely Planet is a really good travel guide especially for Cuba

For further question don’t hesitDSC03311ate to contact me:


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