Zanzibar – Heaven on Earth?

When I arrived at the north coast of Zanzibar (Kendwa) by boat I’ve could not been more impressed. Everything the people told me about this island was true. Turquise water, white sand, amazing climate. Firstly, we climbed out of our boat and walked barefoot with our backpacks on the back trough the warm sand. It took us just several minutes until we arrived our Hotel and we checked in. North Zanzibar is the only place on the island, where there is no high and low tide. Thats why we decided to stay here 4 nights. This place is just really what you call paradise. We did the most stunning snorkel tour I ever did. We spent one night on a gorgeous beach party. Moreover just laying on the beach the whole time was absolutely awesome. Even though I prefer going on adventures I enjoyed every second. Nevertheless on our 3rd day we decided to check out the nearby village. It was just a 5 minute walk from our beach accomodation. After we spen 2 months on the mainlan dof Tanzania, we also wanted to discover the real Zanzibar. In a certain way I knew that the people in Zanzibar are partly poorer than the people on the mainland. But what you expect and what you see is something total different. When we walked through the nearby village, such a bad feeling came u by seeing all the poor families living on the street just behind the big luxury resorts. It is not that we haven’t seen anything like that. We worked 2 months in Moshi in the poorest area of the city. Nevertheless it is something different to see the „rich people“ making vacation so close to the „poor people“ just trying to feed their children. After these days we travelled to Stone Town, the capital, and to Paje in the east. All in All, we spent 2 weeks on Zanzibar. On the one hand the impression of a paradise on earth is true. The water, the beaches, the fishes and dolphins, the silence and the partly untouched beauty of the nature. Monkeys, turtles, coralles, wales. Old houses in Stone Town of the colonialism. The mosques, the night market at the Fordhani Garden. Friendly people, low criminalty due to religion, fresh sea food, arabian atmosphere, good music and spices. It really seems like heaven on earth. But as soon as you focus on the inhabitants and their lives, the poverty and their disadvantage of living on an islang where it is so hard and expensive to import thing they dont have, i shows you that it is definitley not a paradise. A paradise should be a place where people do not have to die of poverty reasons and don’t have to starve. However, these people are at least happy as we are. They appreciate that they live on such an amazing spice island, so that they don’t care much about their own poverty. My first trip to Zanzibar was such a great experience and it won’t be my last!





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