lazy-fair, cheers Australia!

Cheers to that country, where people cheers to everybody and everything. When you think of Australia, you might think of kangaroos, surfers and outback in the first place. However, this is not only cliché. These things are definitely one of many amazing encounters you will have in down under. Australia has a great diversity. One moment you find yourself swimming in a super chilly saltwater pool right at the ocean. In the next, you are hiking in the Blue Mountains or camping in the dessert. After a while, you will see how daily life differ from ours in Europe. People wear flip-flops, called “thongs”, almost the whole year. Lunch breaks are not lunch breaks but time for some surfing. Sunday sessions are never complete without a great BBQ and friends coming over. Weekends are spend in a cricket stadium or at the next beach. The Australian lifestyle is indeed “lazy-fair”. People are happy with their environment. They like to be outside. Near the water, near the beach. Whether they live in the city or on the countryside, there are always things to do with your family and friends. The difference to us? It is always sunny, always good weather. You don’t have to worry about your garden furniture in winter or if it is worth buying a pool for twenty days of summer. This lifestyle is different, because the weather is. As an “Aussie” you don’t have to worry about these kind of things. Instead, they worry about snakes in toilets or huge jumping spiders, because the most dangerous animals of the world exist right there. Nevertheless, Australia is a safe place. Nowhere else, safety is that important. You won’t find a fresh cleaned floor without a “caution sign”, right next to an employee, that tells you the same as the sign says. Safety first, always. Because of the fact, that australian people are such lovely and funny humans, you will not get annoyed by them. They are totally open-minded and truly welcoming to everybody. This is something what makes you want to stay forever. On the beach, lazy-faire, watching surfers early in the morning before going to work.

 DSC03241 DSC03284

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